Thursday, 14 July 2016

Vitiligo Treatments in Bangalore

Vitiligo is the disorder occur when the melanocytes (cell that generate color pigments) are destroyed. As a result of it, white patches are appeared on different parts of the body. Vitiligo can occur at any age. This is more visible for the people with dark skin. There are treatments available for vitiligo. Melanosite, The Center for Advanced Vitiligo Treatment and Collaborative Pigment Cell Research offers the best Vitiligo Treatments in Bangalore.

White patches appearing on the feet, face, lips, hands, and arms are Symptoms of Vitiligo. The common Treatments for Vitiligo include:

Topical : Potent or super potent topical corticosteroid are the most common topical medicines to treat vitiligo. This are used to repigment the skin rather than curing vitiligo. All topical medicines can’t be applied to the face. They are only used in hands and feet. People with dark skin will get good result after using this medicine.

Light Therapy : It uses laser to treat vitiligo. This lasers are less effective on hands and feet. This is effective on face. Lasers are also applied with topical corticosteroid.

Depigmentation : The main intention of depigmentation is to make the color of the whole body same. This treatment is preferred for people with vitiligo more than 50 percent of the bodies. This method is to fade the color of the unaffected area to be matched with area that is affected. 

Preventive measures :
  • Manage the stress
  • Diet
  • Exercise 
  • Sleep
Melanosite is the famous Vitiligo Treatment Clinic in Bangalore. We provide the Topical Vitiligo Treatment in Bangalore.

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